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Stories of New Orleans

What's your story?

Posted by Ian on
I came for two weeks, 22 years ago.
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What's a stoop?

Stoops in New Orleans tell a story...they are part of the integral essence of our architecture...as our architecture is an expression of self..of sharing how we live our lives.


A stoop is essentially the part of the step that rises to our homes. It has become part of the 300 years of history and a part of ourselves.  It is part of the conversion of those that are born elsewhere and make New Orleans home.  A stoop is so more than the physical material used to make this resting place...a place to meet each other, a place to sit and take in our surroundings, a part of our sense of place we call South Louisiana.

I sat on a stoop one day and met my new neighbor.  We shared a drink, we shared some lives, we shared the driveway on Mardi Gras day.

I sat on a stoop to rest my feet, 

Long day running

The stoop, my seat.

I sat on the stoop 

The day the water receded, 

The stoop gave me peace,

with people I greeted.